OpenMunich 2018

Conference for Open Source and New IT

About OpenMunich Conference

LMU Munich, Accenture and Red Hat are inviting you to a conference on New IT within the Open Source ecosystem.

You should consider attending OpenMunich 2018 if you are

  • A developer or technology architect
  • An IT consultant
  • An IT student or a teacher from an IT university/faculty
  • Or simply an IT enthusiast interested in the latest trends in Open Source and New IT

OpenMunich 2018 has NO REGISTRATION FEE for participation at the conference.

Language of the conference: English

5conference rooms

Morning Program

TimeGroße Aula
Registration + Breakfast (Coffee)

Conference Opening

Sebastian Feld, Susan Hoch, Alexander MenzLMU, Red Hat, Accenture

Große Aula

Keynote: Digital Disruption

Sven LobergAccenture

Große Aula

Keynote: Infrastructure as Code - Automation

Peter KörnerRed Hat

Große Aula

Panel discussion : Cloud Native

LMU, Red Hat, Accenture, Couchbase, MariaDB, S&N Invent, Talend

Große Aula


Afternoon Program

TimeRotating to the NewThe New NewLabsCloud Native & AutomationDBs and mixed

Digital Decoupling

Sven LobergAccenture

Quantum Computing - An Introduction

Sebastian FeldLMU Munich & QAR-Lab

OpenShift: First steps - Hands on (Laptop required)

Dennis DeitermannRed Hat

OpenShift makes Testing better?

Baris GüldaliS&N

Analytics and Transactions united - What MariaDB Platform X3 really is about

Michael CarneyMariaDB

Change Rooms

Reactive Interaction Gateway – stop polling, start subscribing!

Kevin BaderAccenture

Quantum Computing - State of the Nation

Matthias ZieglerAccenture

OpenShift: First Steps continued

Dennis DeitermannRed Hat

Rise of the Containers - Controlling Robots from OpenShift

Daniel BrintzingerRed Hat

Couchbase Data Platform - Designed For Future

Bruno ŠimićCouchbase

Change Rooms, Coffee

Open Organisation & Culture - Mindset and Methods

Bastian SchwippertRed Hat

Introduction to quantum computing and development basics

Tim LeonhardtAccenture

DevOps Lab - Hands on (Laptop required)

Dea Noe Leimbacher, Damla SimsekAccenture

OpenStack is boring ... - is it?

Javier Lopez Y. GrueberRed Hat

Being on the safe side of Open Source - A legal perspective

Calin GreblesAccenture

Change Rooms

Blockchain - a technical introduction

Andreas SedlmaierLMU Munich

Gate quantum computing hands-on with IBM’s QISKIT SDK

Tim LeonhardtAccenture

DevOps Lab continued

Dea Noe Leimbacher, Damla SimsekAccenture

Service Meshes – Istio and Kubernetes

Andreas NeebRed Hat

Container isolation revised

Jan WilliesAccenture

Change Rooms, Coffee

Blockchain in Logistics - Track and Trace of cross-border shipments

Christoph Thul, Joel AihendeAccenture

Hands-On: Programming a Quantum Annealer

Christoph RochLMU Munich & QAR-LAB

Getting Started with Machine Learning

Keith TenzerRed Hat


Conference Closing
Change Rooms
Get together & Raffle


LMU Munich

General Partners

Accenture. High Performance. Delivered
Red Hat

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S&N Invent

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Talend Germany GmbH


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